beeswax cotton food storage


  • Sandwich Wrapt-use as lunchwrap and bowl covers
    Our most popular size Beewrapt ideal size for sandwiches and 750gm cheese block. Fabulous bowl cover for leftovers and salads. Great as covers for potluck dinners. Ideal size for cut watermelon 300mm x 320mm
    NZ$ 13.50
  • Bread Wrapt- for bread and 1 kg cheese
    Truly fabulous for keeping your bread fresh for ages and your cheese for weeks! No mould or drying out- You will just love them. Our largest Bee Wrapt for bread and 1kg cheese block. 420mm x 330mm
    NZ$ 15.50
  • Everyday Wrapt- multi pack
    One of each size Bee Wrapt - for all your wrapping needs Pack of 4 in mixed sizes and patterns Choose from Vintage Florals or Modern Brights
    NZ$ 31.00
  • Jar Wrapt- 3 pack
    Bee Wrapts hold their shape fabulously so no more sticky fingers from jam jars. Useful for hard to open jars. Great for half avocados and other fruits and veg. Come in pack of 3 mixed patterns 120mm x 150mm
    NZ$ 12.00
  • Snack Wrapt -two pack
    Handy size Bee Wrapts for wrapping all your smaller bits and bobs. Gourmet cheeses, parmesan blocks, snacks and baking for lunches 150mm x 180mm. pack of 2
    NZ$ 12.00
  • When you purchase any two BeeWrapt packs, you will receive a third Absolutely FREE. Valid for December 2019. If different priced packs are purchased, the free one will be of the lesser value
  • For when you want that one really big BeeWrapt! Brilliant for covering party platters, really big homemade loaves or pack up your whole picnic in it. This big one is for all you BeeWrapt lovers who have been asking for it the past two years. 500mm x 450mm
    NZ$ 21.00